Love Letter to Louisville, Colorado

Dear Louisville, Colorado,

Congratulations, my dear, you’ve done it again: Money Magazine has once again found you the most desirable among your peers. Money has recognized something that your residents have always known: it’s hard to beat your clean, safe, and friendly streets. You provide for all our needs and desires with your easily accessible stores, great schools, fine dining, and lively entertainment. In all seasons, your parks and open spaces remain beautiful. There may be changes ahead, but we know we can rely on your trustworthy government to make wise decisions and continue to provide services unparalled in other towns of your size.

Don’t be offended when visitors refer to you as “Loueyville” or you’re passed over for your big sister Boulder just down the road. You’re special and unique in your own way, and your small town atmosphere is becoming more and more appreciated.

Hey, just one request: let’s keep those killer sunset views of yours our little secret, OK?


Louisville, CO residents







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