You Should Know This If Buying A Home in Superior, Colorado

Superior, Colorado, real estate is going strong right now. Of the 62 single-family homes currently on the market, 19 (30.6%) are under contract. As of July 2011, the average days on market was 57 days, down from 67 days over the same time period last year. Average sales price was up, also, from $422,214 to $$428,511. (Source: BARA)

One of the reasons Superior is consistently a desirable place to live is its manicured, clean streets. Everywhere you look, there are parks, neat flower beds, and well-maintained public facilities. So, how can Superior keep up this, um, superior service? (Sorry, I had to!) Every potential homeowner should know that there is a monthly city landscaping fee of $30. This may be included in the HOA assessment (check with your HOA), but for those subdivisions without HOAs (e.g., Sagamore), it is a stand-alone bill from the City. There seems to be some confusion about this monthly fee: I’ve spoken with some Realtors and residents who believed it gave them access to the recreation centers. However, that is separate – to use city pool and tennis, you just need to present proof of residency and obtain a $5 card for everyone in the household. The City also provides utilities for residents, and you can find out more information about the rates here.

Just some good things to consider if you’re thinking about buying a home in Superior, Colorado!


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